Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India to the rescue of Iraq’s heaviest man

sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India

Touted as Iraq’s heaviest man, Ali Saddam, weighed 301 kg. Today he says he feels ‘lighter’ after doctors at Medicure Medical Travels partner hospitals BLK Super Speciality Hospital in India conducted a sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India that will enable him to shed up to 151 kg over the coming 12 months.

For years, the 43-year-old Ali Saddam used to have a very heavy intake of food due to the bosy requirements. His regular diet on any day included 24 eggs for breakfast, two chickens with 12 chapattis for lunch, and one goat for dinner, along with two litre of milk and 15 kuboos or Arabic bread.

Having gained this weight rapidly in past four years, Ali Saddam reached his highest weight of 301kg. This increased weight led to a string of health issues as well such as uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep disorder. Due to obstructive sleep apnea, Ali Saddam had to depend on Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine in Iraq. His family says he used to fall sleep while sitting in the car, watching TV or even talking.

“When the patient first came to us, we weren’t able to locate the abdomen as he had developed one foot of fat deposits around the belly. All his organs were densely covered with layers of fat. Secondly, controlling his heartbeat, blood pressure and sugar level was also critical before preparing him for surgery. Given his size, a team comprising two surgeons had to stand on stools while Ali was laid down on two operation tables,” said Deep Goel, senior consultant and director, bariatric and advance laparoscopy surgery in India.

The doctors performed the procedure in just one hour, using minimally invasive surgery in India.
Dr. Goel explained that the patient will be able to lose almost half of his weight in the next one year. Ali, who is ready to fly back home on Sunday, six days after the surgery in India, said he received no help from many hospitals in his country, Iraq, either owing due to lack of medical facilities or time with the doctors.
“I was reduced to a recluse in my own house. My appetite increased day-by-day and I maintained a sluggish lifestyle for years. I used to fall asleep while sitting in the car, watching TV and even talking. I did not realise that a heavy diet of saturated fats would end up making me weigh so much,” he said.
He has lost over 20 kg in five days after the sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India . He was admitted to the hospital on March 16 and put on conservative treatment to get his lungs and diabetes under control. He was put on a liquid diet so his fatty liver shrank to its normal size so that there were no complications during the sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India .
“Usually in the case of such sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India , patient stay in the hospital for two to three days. But Ali had to stay here for long as hotels denied him a room due to his very heavy weight” noted Ravinder Vats, specialist surgeon for bariatric and advanced laparoscopy surgery in India.