Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL Surgery Cost India

Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL as it is called in short form is an orthopaedic surgery of the knee which performed to repair the ligament located inside the knee. It also a kind of reconstruction surgery. Anterior Cruciate Ligament keep the shin bone or tibia in place. If Anterior Cruciate Ligament is damaged, then the tibia can move away from it's place during a physical activity.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL Surgery in India is done top orthopaedic hospitals having decades of experience. ACL Surgery is a minimally invasive surgery which requires only small holes to be drilled around the knee for the surgeon to do the surgery. Therefore, it is also called as knee arthroscopy or key hole surgery.

During the ACL Surgery  in India, the patients are administered a general anaesthesia before the surgery. The damaged Anterior Cruciate Ligament is replaced with a  tissue either from the patients body or from a donor. This ligament is known as autograft. The autograft is either taken from the hamstring tendon or from the knee cap tendon. For tissues taken from the patient itself a larger hole is made to move the tissue towards the damaged ligament. Whereas, if the tissues are taken from a donor then small holes are sufficient to do the surgery. Since this surgery is reconstructing the damaged ligament it is also called as ACL Reconstruction Surgery. The success rate of ACL Surgery  is very good at over 90%.

Post the surgery patients are encouraged and advised to move their knees to prevent knee from getting stiff. Also for 1-4 weeks post ACL Surgery the patient uses crutches for movement. This is to prevent sudden pressure on the newly reconstructed knee ligament. Post the 4 weeks time patients can start normal routine and movement. ACL Reconstruction Surgery is a boon patients who are suffering from knee problems including walking, bending etc. Also this surgery is not restricted to any particular age group.

The ACL Surgery Cost India is approximately $3000 USD with stay in hospital of 3 days. The faster recovery time ensures that the patients can expect to stay in India post surgery for just 5 days. Medicure Assist has been instrumental in assisting international patients in getting Anterior cruciate ligament repair surgery in India at highly affordable and qualitative price. Please read our patient testimonials to know more.


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