Top Doctors and Surgeons in India

  • Dr Ramdip Ray

    Dr Ramdip Ray Liver

    Dr Ramdip Ray is the lead consultant of the surgical team in the Liver Transplant / HPB program at CLBS@Aremis.…

  • Dr. Sameer Kaushal

    Dr. Sameer Kaushal Eye

    Qualification Post graduate degrees Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in Ophthalmology – Dr. R.P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi…

  • Dr. Hari Goyal

    Dr. Hari Goyal Cancer

    Dr. Hari Goyal is renowed Medical Oncologist based in Delhi. He is working as Consultant with Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana.…

  • Dr. Rajesh Verma

    Dr. Rajesh Verma Orthopaedics

    Name: Dr. Rajesh Verma Speciality: Director – Trauma & Spine Surgery | Head – Orthopaedics Location: Gurgaon Nationality: Indian Languages…

  • Dr. Alok Gupta

    Dr. Alok Gupta Neurology

    Department: Head – Neurosurgery (Unit II) Name: Dr. Alok Gupta Speciality: Neurosurgery Location: Gurgaon Nationality: Indian Languages spoken: English Gender:…

  • Dr. Ila Gupta

    Dr. Ila Gupta IVF

    Department: Infertility & IVF Specialist Name: Dr. Ila Gupta Speciality: Reproductive Medicine Location: Gurgaon Nationality: Indian Languages spoken: English, Hindi Gender: Female…

  • Dr. Rupin Shah

    Dr. Rupin Shah Urology

    Dr. Rupin Shah is a Urologist who has devoted himself to Andrology – the very-specialty that deals with male sterility…

  • Dr. Ramesh Mahajan

    Dr. Ramesh Mahajan Urology

    Was awarded the Best Presentation Award in Dec 1994 by Mumbai Society. Besides an award on Urodynamic research in hazard assessment…

  • Dr. Mahendra Jain

    Dr. Mahendra Jain Urology

    A well-trained and knowledgeable urologist, Dr Jain worked in several top hospitals in India and is now connected with major Hospitals…

  • Dr. Anup Ramani

    Dr. Anup Ramani Urology

    Urology Specialization Urology Oncology Advanced Robotic & Laproscopic Surgery in India Prostate Cancer Treatment Kidney Cancer Surgery and Treatment Minimal…

  • Dr. A.S. Bawa

    Dr. A.S. Bawa Urology

    Dr. A.S.Bawa is functioning as Chairperson of Minimal-Invasive Urology Surgery Unit at Fortis Hospital, located in Mohali, Punjab. Dr. Bawa…

  • Dr. Anant Kumar

    Dr. Anant Kumar Urology

    Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj QUALIFICATION: M.B.B.S., M.S. (Gen. Surgery) , M.Ch. (Urology), D.N.B. (Urology), FMGEMS (USA)…

  • Dr. Harshavardhan H

    Dr. Harshavardhan H Orthopaedics

    Designation: Senior Consultant& Director Brief Description: o M.B.B.S – Baroda Medical College, Gujarat. 1982 o M.S. (Orthopaedics) – Baroda Medical…

  • Dr. Jalaj Baxi

    Dr. Jalaj Baxi Cancer

    SPECIALTY: Surgical Oncology PRIMARY PLACE OF WORK: Fortis Noida QUALIFICATIONS: • M.B.B.S. From R.N.T.Medical college, Udaipur- Dec 1986 • M.S.…

  • Dr. K R Balakrishnan

    Dr. K R Balakrishnan Cardiology

    CURRENT POSITION 1. Director – Cardiac Sciences Escorts Heart Institute @ Fortis Malar Hospitals 2. Adjunct Professor Indian Institute of…

  • Dr. K S Iyer

    Dr. K S Iyer Cardiology

    Director – Pediatric & Congenital Heart Surgery Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Specialist Speciality: Pediatric Cardiac…

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