What’s The Cost of Paediatric Valvuloplasty in India ?

Valvuplasty in India

Paediatric Valvuloplasty In India Package Details 

Cost Of Paediatric Valvuloplasty In India

1. Single Room $4500 USD *

2. Double Room $4000 USD *

* this is an approximate cost and may vary depending on the condition of the patient.

Stay In Hospital : 3 Days

Post Discharge Stay in India : 7 Days

Success Rate of Paediatric Valvuloplasty  in India : 98%

Paediatric Valvuloplasty Package Inclusions :

Hospital Room Charges (For The Specified Period)
Surgeon’s Fees
O.t. (Operation Theater) Charges
Anesthesia Charges
Investigations Related To The Surgery
Food And Beverages For The Patient And 1 Attendant Of The Patient

Besides the above mentioned package inclusions , the Paediatric Valvuloplasty  package will generally also include the medications if otherwise indicated in the final treatment in India plan that Medicure Team will share with you. 

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Why undertake your Paediatric Valvuloplasty medical tour to India with Medicure Medical Travels

low cost coronary Angiography India packagesBecause we have the right expertise and knowledge of organizing medical travel tours for clients from across the globe. We have have been serving our clients with full dedication and sincerity. We are proud to work with the best internationally certified hospitals and doctors which enable us to to give you high quality treatments at very affordable prices in India. We have facilitated over 1200+ patients from across the globe with high quality and exceptional services. Out medical tour to India is budget friendly and takes care of all your requirements. We provide a very affordable low cost Valvuloplasty in India at top cardiac hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai etc. Not only is the Paediatric Valvuloplasty price in India the cheapest in the world but also has the best success rate among all the countries.

Medicure Medical Travels in alliance with various top cardiac hospitals in India provides the best heart surgery packages with top cardiac surgeons of India giving you an exceptionally all rounded best medical tour experience. If you need more information about Valvuloplasty price in India or different Paediatric Valvuloplasty packages available feel free to call us or email us your query.

India has some of the best hospitals for Paediatric Valvuloplasty that conduct these surgeries highly affordable price. Cost of Paediatric Valvuloplasty in India is the lowest in the world. Backed by top cardiac surgeons and latest medical technologies the success rate of Paediatric Valvuloplasty is extremely good. There are various Paediatric Valvuloplasty packages available to the patients who need to undergo this surgery.

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Valvuloplasty is associated with the widening of the stiff heat valves in children. During Valvuloplasty in India a very fine catheter is put inside through the groin and goes all the way to the heart valve. This catheter helps in opening the stiff heart valve. To better understand Valvuloplasty in India, it first important to understand how our heart works.

Paediatric Valvuloplasty in IndiaThe heart is divided into four chambers into which theblood flows. The chambers have functions divided into oxygenation of deoxygenated blood and carrying it back to the body. Sometimes what happens is that the heart valves can become stiff or constricted due to ailments or damage or even by birth. In such cases Valvuloplasty is suggested to rectify the damage and make the heart function normally.

India is considered one of the best destination for getting Valvuloplasty due to it highly affordable and quality surgery. Getting Valvuloplasty in India is a wise decision because the cost of Valvuloplasty is just one tenth that it would cost in other parts of the world. Paediatric Valvuloplasty is a very complex and sophisticated procedure since the heart is not fully developed and requires immense care during the surgery. But despite the complicated surgery the success rate of Valvuloplasty in India is very high approximately 95%.  Also it is important to know that all heart ailments are not treatable by Valvuloplasty . Only certain specific heart conditions require Valvuloplasty.

Some the world’s best cardiac hospitals are in India that are offering Valvuloplasty. With no wait time and use of FDA approved equipments getting Valvuloplasty in India is both safe and secure. Medicure Medical Travels has assisted many patients with Valvuloplasty and their experiences can be read on our patient testimonial page.

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