Why getting low cost knee replacement surgery is not a great idea

Knee Replacement Surgery In India

SO your doctor has advised you to get a knee replacement surgery for those troubling knee problems. And you start frantically searching on the internet for knee replacement surgery options in different countries such as India, Turkey, UAE etc. In most cases your primary criteria to get knee replacement surgery abroad is the cost of knee replacement surgery.

Bingo ! you see a cheap knee replacement surgery advertisement visit the site and are impressed by the cost. You book your tickets and are off to get your knee replacement surgery. You’re patting yourself on the back for getting the best deal for getting knee replacement surgery. You get the knee replacement surgery done and fully satisfied head back home taking it as a victory of your correct decision making. Two years later the knee ┬ástarts paining but you ignore it. Maybe you have exerted too much pressure on your knee. The pain increases and you visit the doctor and the doctor diagnosis and tells you that you need a knee revision surgery. You’re shocked and think about all that trouble, money and travelling again !

You think couldn’t this scenario had been avoided ? Honestly, yes it could have been

Getting a knee replacement surgery or any surgery for that matter should NOT be based only on the cost of surgery itself. For surgeries requiring the use of implants the decision should be first based on the type and quality of implant being used in the surgery and then the total cost of surgery itself.

In the above scenario the patient based all the decisions primarily on the cost of knee replacement surgery and did not factor in the decision about the implants at all. An implant used in the surgery such as knee replacement surgery has a major share in the total cost of surgery. By using different types of implants depending upon the quality and the price the total price of the knee replacement surgery can be bought down.

High quality , top of the line knee implants from companies such as Johnson & Johnson though will cost more and increase the cost of knee replacement surgery but the long term benefits will far outweigh the low cost implants with limited usage history.

Buying a cheap air ticket and a cheap knee replacement surgery package are too very different things.

Next time when you decide to get a knee replacement surgery at any facility be it in your country or abroad consult with your doctor which is the best implant that you should get. If the same implant is not available then a similar implant of matching quality should be used. Before you book any medical tour package ask the hospital about the knee implant that they will use. You have Google , use the information to know more about the knee implant online. Once you’re satisfied then go ahead and get the surgery done.

Getting knee replacement surgery is the easier part but avoiding knee revision surgery should be your mission

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